Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C Docking Station

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The Refurbished ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock (40AY) is an advanced, universally compatible one-cable docking solution lets you work smarter, not harder. It comes with a vast array of ports, next-gen plug and play functionality, and rapid charging capabilities (up to 100W for most USB-C notebooks*). Smart enough to install critical firmware updates automatically, it’s ideal for any mixed-PC environment and home-based work, and gives you the freedom and power to do more.


  • One Dock. No Limits: Engineered for performance and productivity, the ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock is compatible with most Windows 10 and above PCs and USB-C notebooks. Ideal for both office-based and remote working, it’s an IT manager’s dream—critical firmware updates are installed automatically and traditional IT tools, such as PXE boot, WOL, and MAC Address Pass Through, are also supported.
  • The Thinkpad Docking Station USB-C comes with 135 charger
  • Very Clean Unit and still under Warranty


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